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After a long day of travel, I’ve made it to Venice! While this was a bigger trip, I have been traveling a lot in the last few years (mostly between Philadelphia and Boston) and packing a carry-on has become like second nature. Since traveling is on my mind, I thought I’d share the contents of my carry-on plus some packing tips and tricks.

  • One bathing suit
  • Book
  • Wallet
  • Sunglasses, glasses, and contacts

I always throw an extra suit in my carry on thanks to my mom. When my sisters and I were young, she always said that if we lost our luggage at least we could go in the pool (swimming was an absolute favorite vacation activity). Her idea was intended to prevent a meltdown from three little girls, but it pretty much still applies. I use the same logic when packing to my sunglasses, contacts and glasses. I want to be able to see regardless of my luggage situation, and they’re things I will probably need on the plane or right when I get to where I’m going anyway.

Try and empty out your wallet as much as possible before you go. I prefer to travel with something that’s not my “everyday” wallet because it guards against losing everything inside. I only move the things that I really need into my traveling wallet. It makes me think about what I’m bringing, and usually means I can carry something much smaller.

I like to bring a book on planes for some guaranteed in-flight entertainment. If you want to know more about my summer reading list check out this post.

  • Makeup and perfume
  • travel size toner
  • travel size sunscreen

First, you do have to be careful that anything liquid is under 3.4 ounces, or 100ml. Most of the makeup that I use regularly is below the liquid limit, and I bring it in my carry on for a couple reasons. First, if it gets lost (you might be sensing a theme here). No one wants to be stuck with the miserable experience of purchasing makeup in an airport or hotel. They won’t have a great selection and it’ll be way overpriced. Second, most airplane’s cargo holds are not climate controlled and extreme temperatures aren’t good for your makeup.

The mini-toner does wonders for that “airplane face” feeling, completely refreshing your skin. But, it will take your makeup off if you’re wearing any (I prefer to travel bare-faced). I use a different toner every morning and night (which I take about in my [link summer essentials post]), but this one is perfect for travel because of its size (3 fl oz) and the organic formula has aloe vera (amazing for after-sun care— hello vacation). It’s alcohol free (the most important thing in a toner!) and is available from Amazon.

The travel-size sunscreen is in my carry-on for the same reason as the bathing suit (thanks mom) and the makeup. Plus, sunscreen is always super expensive at hotels. As always, feel free to ask me more about any of the products above!

  • Phone wipes
  • Chargers (and converters if you need them)
  • Laptop
  • Headphones
  • Snacks

The phone wipes are a new addition to my list. Let’s be honest, planes and airports can be pretty gross, and these make me feel a little better about the germs. They’re also great for glasses, camera lenses, computer screens, and anything that could use a use a gentle disinfect. The ones I have come in convenient single-use packages in a pack of 210 from Amazon for $14.99.

This trip, I am not bringing my laptop because I am planning on going semi-off-the-grid, but typically I have it with me.

I usually bring or wear a sweatshirt/sweater for traveling (I am always cold) and if I want a hat, it’s in my carry on too! And of course, if you have any medications you need those should always be in your carry on.

If it’s a short trip and I’m packing all carry-on, here are my tips for getting the most out of a carry-on bag’s space.

  • Roll clothes instead of folding them! Its saves space and keeps clothes less wrinkled.
  • PLAN what you want to wear— whenever I don’t plan ahead I always end up bringing way more than I need. Sure, throw in a few extra options, but packing without a game plan only leads to overpacking.
  • Bring pieces you can get more than one wear out of, (i.e. a white T-shirt, denim, or a neutral cardigan)
  • Don’t bring too many pair of shoes— I always fall into this trap because of my love for shoes. But sadly, they’re heavy and can take up a lot of space. Try and stick to 2-3 pairs including the shoes you’re wearing.
  • The one place you should definitely not cut back is underwear. I usually bring 2x as many days I am going, just in case.

I can’t wait to share more about this trip with you! But, for the time being I will only be posting once more (on Wednesday). Like I mentioned earlier, I’ll be spending time away from my computer and with my family during this trip. I hope that’s alright, and you’ll hear from me again soon.💕

Bonus shoe finds!

My Shoes in this picture are Steve Madden and I absolutely love how fun they are, but I can’t find them anywhere anymore.

Here are two similar pairs!


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